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longevity of fillings


How Long Do Fillings Last?

dental fillings graphicFillings are made using material that is strong and durable, but filler is not the same as enamel and will eventually need to be changed or renewed. The life of your filling is dependent on the material being used, when it was placed, where it was placed and how it has been cared for. Working with our staff at MVP Smiles, we can evaluate your fillings, and make recommendations. There are many options available today that can improve your smile and provide you with fillings that can last for years to come.

Fillings can last for many years, they average anywhere between 5-20 years. The life of your filling can depend on a lot of factors including:
•  Material: Some materials have a longer lifespan than others, which material we use will depend on the work being done.
•  When It Was Placed: As with everything, fillings have advanced, the materials used today are better and stronger than ever. A filling today will have a longer lifespan than a filling placed twenty years ago.
•  Location: The amount of pressure applied to the filling when chewing can lead to a shorter life span of the filling. Every time you chew, the filling can be compromised.
•  Personal Hygiene: How you take care of your teeth and gums will make a difference in the lifespan of your fillings. Bacteria, decay, sugar and more can be damaging to your dental work along with your other teeth.

Types of Fillings

We can use a filling to make small repairs including chips and fractures or to fill cavities in teeth following the removal of decay. In general, fillings include:

Amalgam Filler

Amalgam is the dark silver filling material that was used more frequently in years past. It is a blend of metals that are strong and durable that lasts for years. Patients appreciated the benefit of its durability but involved several disadvantages including its dark coloring and requirement to remove more tooth structure than other options.

Composite Filler

Today, more fillings are done using composite quartz and resin filler. The product used today is stronger than in years past with greater durability. It is still not as hard wearing as amalgam but patients prefer the benefits of material that blends in with the coloring of their teeth and requires only the minimal amount of tooth material to be removed before placement.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

A dental inlay or onlay is not a moldable filler, but a hard shell that is customized to fit the damaged portion of the tooth. It is sometimes referred to as a partial crown, or a ¾ crown. We recommend this type of restoration when the damaged portion of the tooth is large. A dental inlay is customized to fit inside a large cavity of a tooth. A dental onlay is customized to fit on the outer portion of a damaged tooth, often when breakage occurred..

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap we can customize for a tooth when it has been severely damaged from decay or breakage. It completely surrounds and covers the tooth, allowing you to keep the tooth structure but providing a strong layer of protection.]]] ]]]

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