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Metal Braces


Metal Braces

woman with braces.Metal braces are typically what most patients think of as standard braces. It consists of metal brackets that are adhesed to the face of your teeth and then the placement of a wire which is held in place with rubber bands. Metal braces allow us to create controlled movements of your teeth through periodic tightenings. By tightening the wire, we can apply steady pressure to straighten your teeth and align your bite. At MVP Smiles, we can correct your malocclusion improving your bite and your aesthetic. Besides metal braces, we can also discuss the many variations that we have today to better suit your lifestyle.

Traditional metal braces have transformed with time, they are no longer as clunky or obtrusive. The brackets used today are smaller and less noticeable which we can use with the new heat-activated archwire. This type of wire uses your own body heat to help teeth move more quickly with constant smaller movements, making it less painful than wires that were manually tightened with greater movement at each appointment in the past.

We use braces to correct bad bites known as malocclusions, this can include:
•  Overbite: When the upper arch extends further than it should, leaving a gap between the upper and lower arch with the mouth closed.
•  Underbite: When the lower arch extends causing the lower teeth to go in front of the upper teeth with the mouth closed.
•  Crossbite: When the upper arch extends both in front and behind the lower arch with the mouth closed.
•  Overcrowding: When there is insufficient space for teeth causing them to move out of alignment or even leading to impacted teeth.
•  Gaps: When there is excessive space between teeth.

Variations on Braces

Today, there are so many variations on braces that patients have a wide variety of options to best fit their needs.


Ceramic braces use porcelain or heavy duty plastic brackets instead of metal brackets. This allows the brackets to hide better in your mouth. Patients love the discretion but ceramic brackets but they generally do take longer to achieve the movement needed and are subject to breakage more easily than metal brackets, though they can be replaced as needed.


Lingual braces use metal brackets which are attached to the backside of the teeth, making them considerably less noticeable. The brackets and wire are customized to fit the space. Lingual braces are preferred for patients who want their braces to be discreet, or would find traditional braces to be a nuisance when playing a sport or instrument.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, including Invisalign®, are a different take on braces, instead of brackets and wires, it uses a silicone mold that fits over your teeth designed to make small movements by changing the mold every couple of weeks.

Taking Care of Your Braces

Caring for your braces will take a bit of added thought and time to your daily hygiene routine. There are foods that you may need to avoid, and you’ll need to use caution about debris getting stuck in your brackets or wire. Proper brushing and flossing is important to the care of your braces. Some patients find that brushing is needed more than twice a day, it may be needed after every meal. With time, the routine will become normal and easier to manage.

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