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Lingual Braces Gaithersburg MD

smiling teenBraces come in so many variations today, and there is a style to fit every need.

Lingual braces use the same bracket and wire system as traditional braces, but the brackets are placed on the inside face of the teeth, making them much less visible.

At MVP Smiles, we understand that the right braces for the patient makes a difference, we can help you find the braces that will fit your aesthetic needs while correcting your malocclusion.

Wearing braces requires a lot of dedication, they force the patient to change what they eat, how they clean their teeth, and generally even change your look.

Today, we have choices, you can have the orthodontic work completed without the visible signs of braces.

So many of our patients seeking orthodontic work want to maintain a professional look, which they feel is impeded when wearing traditional braces.

Why Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces allow us to correct misaligned teeth, and improve your bite, with the brackets and wires hidden.

To most people, your orthodontic work is invisible.

Understandably, the inside face of the teeth does present a bit of a challenge, to combat this, the brackets and wire are customized to fit the space.

This can make the placement more challenging and expensive than traditional braces, but if you are committing 1-2 years of daily wear, making the decision to have the aesthetic you want may be worthwhile.

Why Lingual Braces?

Patients consider lingual braces for a variety of reasons, including:
•  They Are Invisible: Due to their positioning on the backside of your teeth, lingual braces are hidden and nearly invisible. Many of our patients feel that this is best to maintain a professional appearance.
•  When Playing Instruments: For any of our patients who play a woodwind or brass instrument, orthodontic work notoriously gets in the way. Lingual braces can help you maintain your vibrating buzz.
•  When Playing Sports: Metal braces and the potential of taking a facial impact injury can cause worry in a lot of our patients. Facial and oral injuries is the number one most reported injury for many sports and outdoor activities.
•  To Look Professional: There are bite issues when brackets and wires are best, clear aligners can’t solve all problems. The downside is, not all of our patients want to look that is attributed to awkward adolescence. Lingual braces can provide the concentrated control needed with the discretion you want.

Person with hidden lingual braces examining their teeth in a mirror

Caring For Your Lingual Braces

Your personal hygiene routine will require some added care following placement of your lingual braces.

Keeping your teeth, the brackets and wire clean of debris and plaque is important.

We will advise you on the best techniques for brushing and flossing around your braces while also keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Lingual Braces in Gaithersburg

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