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Empowering Kids to Care About Teeth


Empowering Children to Care About Teeth

child and mother brushing their teethTeaching a child to care about something or to even spark interest in it begins with what their parents are teaching them at home. To teach your child healthy habits, especially when it comes to teeth or oral health, you must first practice good oral hygiene.

Showing your children the importance of taking care of their teeth will create a positive influence on them and will push them to continue to brush and even floss the expected amount of times. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions that children develop every day.

Empowering kids to take care of their teeth begins at an early age and with the help of our dentists here at MVP Smiles, your child can form crucial oral health habits.

What Parents Can Do

Finding ways to teach children to take care of baby teeth will leave a positive influence on them to continue to care for their teeth properly even after the primary teeth have fallen out and the permanent teeth are taking their place. Showing your child the proper way to brush and floss their teeth reduces the risks of cavities, decay, and infection. Making sure your child is holding the toothbrush correctly, is using it in the right way, and is using the recommended amount of toothpaste is a great step to empowering your child.

Creating ways to make oral health fun can further progress the good habits you are trying to instill in your child. Taking your child to visit one of our dentists can be another great way to open your child up to the idea of good oral health. Since our dentists are experts in dental care, we can talk to your child on the importance of taking care of their teeth.

Showing them the correct way and even sending them home with a “goodie bag” that is filled with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a timer to ensure that they are brushing for the correct amount of time. As a parent, teaching your child why they should take care of their teeth is an important task that needs to be tackled early on.

Why Teeth Are Important

Teeth are important not only because they are a physical feature that promotes development and self-confidence, but because they hold many different functions that play a role in the overall health of everyone. Everyone knows that teeth are used for biting, chewing, eating, etc. but teeth also used to hold the jaw correctly in place, used to speak properly, and can even aid in how well the child is learning in school. When your child’s teeth are not well taken care of, they will often be decayed and will cause moderate to severe pain. This can be distracting while in school and can interfere with your child’s learning. This can cause grades to drop and might concern their teachers on whether or not they are progressing. A child learning to take care of their teeth properly can help them become successful adults.

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