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What Are The Main Types Of Pediatric Periodontal Disease?

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Dentist and child learn how to brush teethPeriodontal disease is the infection of the gums and teeth surrounding structures. The disease slowly eats away the gum tissues causing them to separate from the teeth and form deep pockets. In severe conditions, the teeth become loose and start to fall off. It can also cause bone loss and other oral conditions.

Children are susceptible to periodontal disease. Most children don't know how to brush and floss properly. This causes plaque and bacteria to build up in the gums and teeth, leading to infection and swelling. Children who eat sugary foods are prone to gum disease. There are two types of pediatric periodontal disease, and they include:


Gingivitis is a less severe form of periodontal disease. It occurs when there is a progressive buildup of bacteria and plaque on the gums and teeth. Over time it irritates and infects the gums, causing swelling. Symptoms of this disease include bleeding red and swollen gums. The condition is usually reversible, and with better oral hygiene, professional dental cleanings, and antibiotics, you can have healthy gums.


Periodontitis is an advanced gum disease. It is more severe and affects other structures, such as the jawbone. Children with periodontitis will have bone loss and teeth loss. Other symptoms include bleeding gums and bad breath. Treatment of the condition primarily includes root planing and scaling and surgical treatment. For children who have lost their permanent teeth, dental implants are needed; once fusion has occurred, synthetic teeth such as crowns are installed.

To prevent gum disease in children, educating them on good oral practices is important. For children who cannot brush on their own, ensure you supervise them for the best outcome. Regular dental checkups and a healthy diet are also recommended. Early detection and management are also ideal for preventing severe dental problems in children.

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